FAKE: It has never been easier to travel, since the advent of Photoshop

Insolite / Unusual / Fake

A Dutch 25 years deceived all his friends and family by claiming to have lived a great adventure in Southeast Asia for five weeks. 

Rather, it was making a school work on social media in her home in Amsterdam.

Zilla, which disappointed his family during this viral experience, confided to the Daily Mail: "I did it to show people that we filter and manipulate everything we show on social media – we create a world in ideal line which reality can no longer respond. 

My goal was to prove how it is easy and common for people to distort reality. Everyone knows that the photos of the models are modified, but we often overlook the fact that we also manipulate reality in our own lives. " according to the Journal of Montreal or the Huffington Post

Dutch girl fakes Asia trip on Facebook

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