Parking 1001FetesTrois-Rivieres Street View

She died in front of her husband (Vidéo News)

She died in front of her husband
(Vidéo News TVA)

Parking 1001FetesTrois-Rivieres Street View
Parking 1001FetesTrois-Rivieres Street View

Chantal Berthiaume has experienced a tragic end. The artist has drawn violently by a trailer while she was working at a work of art in the parking lot of a trade of Trois-Rivières.

The drama occurred under the gaze horrified spouse. « She died by doing what she loved to do and with a smile. She has never seen what happened. I was before it when I saw ca. It’s mind-blowing. She disappeared before me », tells tear Sylvain Michaud, the spouse of the victim.
The event occurred at about 4: 30 p.m. on parking the rental center for receptions of all kinds «Aux Mille et Une fête», 2161 Rue Royale, Trois-Rivières, Wednesday.

For some unknown reason, the trailer is detached from the truck. translate with help of the

Read more ref in french: TVA and R-C

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