I simply experienced winterization associated with 2 bicycles within Ut — my personal ’08 Extremely Traditional as well as my personal boy’s 05 FLHX Road Slip. The procedure is straightforward as well as easy. This targets 5 essential facets of your own bicycle; Essential oil, Energy, Electric battery, Wheels as well as Protection.

Essential oil

Keeping your own bicycle along with newly transformed essential oil is among the most significant steps you can take to maintain your own bicycle within tip-top situation. Altering the actual essential oil eliminates combustion pollutants which harm your own bike’s motor. All of us suggest a person adhere to manufacturer’s tips about essential oil kind as well as pounds. If you are the do-it-yourself type of man, operate your own bicycle as well as allow it to warm-up prior to depleting the actual essential oil in order to deplete very easily as well as enhance elimination associated with pollutants. Substitute the actual essential oil filtration system having a brand new 1. Place the slim layer associated with essential oil about the filtration system close off as well as tighten up ΒΌ change past hand-tight. Examine the actual deplete connect, gasket or even o-ring with regard to harm as well as substitute in the event that required. Be sure to re-install the actual deplete connect prior to refilling the actual crankcase as well as torque in order to manufacturer’s specifications. Replenish the actual crankcase along with essential oil in order to close to complete, after which operate the actual bicycle for some min’s in order to move the actual essential oil. Lastly top-off the actual crankcase as well as be mindful not to overfill.


It is essential that you deal with the actual energy or even deplete this in the container as well as carburetor whenever winterizing your own bicycle in order to guarantee the actual energy does not carbamide peroxide gel as well as block moment carburetor stations or even energy injectors.

If you opt to deplete the actual energy in the container, you have selected the possibility using the greatest level of self-confidence that the energy program continues to be clog-free. Buy a relatively inexpensive gasoline siphon pump motor as well as deplete just as much energy in the container as you possibly can. Or even spent a little more cash and purchase a relatively inexpensive bilge pump motor [12 volt] as well as 2 3′ parts of hose pipe. Link the actual tubes towards the pump motor — place the actual pump motor inlet hose pipe inside your container and also the electric outlet hose pipe inside your vehicle’s gas tank. Link the actual bilge pump motor to some 12-volt electric battery as well as pump motor the actual energy before container is actually bare. After that operate the actual bicycle in order to obvious energy in the carburetor. 1 last action, in order to guarantee the actual container does not corrosion, buy fogging essential oil as well as haze the actual vehicle’s gas tank. Furthermore, take away the ignite attaches as well as haze the actual cylinders. Another choice would be to deal with the actual energy having a energy stabilizer — an easy as well as suggested answer through Harley Davidson. I personally use STAB-IL energy stabilizer — however numerous producers market energy stabilizer — adopted the actual instructions to deal with the actual energy. STAB-IL suggests 1 liquid oz for every 2.5 gallons associated with energy within the container. After that operate the actual bicycle for some min’s in order to move the actual stable energy as well as your good-to-go with regard to storage space for approximately six months. Should you intend to shop the actual bicycle with regard to lengthier intervals, STAB-IL suggests doubling the therapy quantity.

Electric battery

Electric battery winterization is usually ignored, however correct electric battery upkeep may boost the existence of the bike’s electric battery through 3-8 occasions, therefore a little expense right now will pay large returns with time. Motorbike electric techniques, in contrast to car electric techniques, are made to just preserve electric battery cost. Otherwise charged up again, your own electric battery may ultimately release, and could need alternative — a price associated with $50 in order to $100. That is why you need to buy electric battery sensitive and start utilizing it right now.

This is a listing of functions you should look at inside your electric battery sensitive buy;

— Providers just about all lead-acid, overloaded or even covered upkeep free of charge electric batteries (AGM as well as carbamide peroxide gel cell). — Instantly changes to some upkeep setting to keep electric battery cost. In the event that cost falls below fill, complete charger setting resumes. — Ignite evidence — Change polarity guarded — Clip-on as well as permanent-attach prospects


In the event that wheels remain in exactly the same location to have an prolonged period, they are able to create toned places. In order to winterize your own wheels, very first fill these phones manufacturer’s specifications, after which proceed the actual bicycle each month. An additional more expensive choice would be to buy motorbike appears in order to raise the actual bicycle totally from the wheels.


Lastly, winterize your own bicycle through maintaining this from the sun and rain. Storage the actual bicycle as well as safeguard this having a complete include.