Explore the Top Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan 2023 and Make it Special

Raksha Bandhan is a festival loved by all, from different age groups to different communities. It is a festival that celebrates the pure and beautiful bond between siblings. Throughout the year, our siblings do so much for us, and we don’t acknowledge and take it for granted, but on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, we realize how crucial they are for us and how much contribution has been from their side to help and develop us.


The festival’s soul is Rakhi (a sacred thread) that the sister ties to her brother. Rakhi is so meaningful and essential for the festival that in most places, the festival is addressed as Rakhi when its actual name is Raksha Bandhan. It’s every sister’s dream to tie the most perfect, suitable, and trendy Rakhi to her brother’s wrist, but it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the trends, and it looks impossible to select a Rakhi.


To make the situation more difficult online platforms also started selling various Rakhis with facilities such as customer support and Same Day Rakhi Delivery. This creates a problem of plenty for the customers as finding the appropriate Rakhi feels like finding a needle in a haystack. But not anymore, What if you get the list of top trending Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan 2023? Let’s know the top Rakhis that will rock this Raksha Bandhan and make it unique.


Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi or Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi is a very popular Rakhi in the northern states of India, such as Rajasthan. In this, the Rakhi is also tied to Bhabhi (brother’s wife), and you must raise a question that the Rakhi is celebrated amongst brothers and sisters only. Well, there is a logical reason behind this sisters tie Rakhi to their sister-in-law or Bhabhi because she is the better half of her brother. According to Indian traditions, husband, and wife share equal responsibilities and duties, which means that the duty to protect the sister is equally on the sister-in-law. Gradually, because of such a meaningful and thoughtful approach, this Rakhi is now widely spreading in other regions of the country.


Cartoon Rakhi

The kid’s whole world resides in cartoons. They spend hours daily watching cartoons and are heavily influenced by them. Kids listen to cartoon characters more than their parents, so cartoon Rakhi is the perfect way to go ahead if you have a little brother. Nowadays, you can see cartoons on almost every product because kids’ love for cartoons is terrific. This year’s most trending cartoon Rakhi has been Motu Patlu Rakhi, Doraemon Rakhi, Superman Rakhi, Mickey Mouse Rakhi, Chota Bheem Rakhi, and many more options. The Cartoon Rakhi unknowingly attracts the kids towards the festival and increases their curiosity about the culture and traditions. The cartoon Rakhi is a sure shot of bringing a smile to your Little brother’s face this Raksha Bandhan.


Bracelet Rakhi

Bracelet is probably the most popular men’s accessories, making every outfit dashing and elegant. Bracelet Rakhi has been in trend for the past few years and will be trending this year. Bracelet Rakhi is a more fashionable and modern approach to Rakhi as it is a Rakhi that will not be worn around Raksha Bandhan only; instead, your brother will wear it throughout the year. While selecting the Bracelet Rakhi, make sure you choose a color or design that goes well with the personality and aura of your brother.


Silver Rakhi

Silver is an auspicious metal widely known for its calming and soothing properties. With the constant increase in gold and silver prices, giving silver Rakhi is not just a memorable moment but an intelligent investment. If your brother has anger issues, giving silver Rakhi is wise, as silver is scientifically proven to control anger and reduce tension.


Handcraft Rakhi

The feel-good factor and originality handcrafted Rakhi brings is incomparable. At a time when everything has its eco-friendly alternative handcraft, Rakhi is a great alternative for normal Rakhis. Making Handcrafted Rakhis has been a tradition for centuries, as earlier, there were no machines to automate the Rakhi-making process. Handcrafted Rakhis will be back in the limelight this year as people have started to appreciate the value and creativity of handmade gifts.



You can make this occasion truly special by exploring the best rakhis for Rakshabandhan 2023. With rapid technological improvement, you can send your favorite Rakhi to any top city and be sure it will reach your brother the following day as many platforms have proven Next Day Rakhi Delivery.