Motorcycle Training in the UK

For motorcycle riders in the UK, a riding license is a must. Like with other road licenses, getting a riding certificate will cost you some fair amount of time. You need to undergo a series of motorcycle training, both theoretical and practical, to prepare you for the road.

Below are a few things that you should know in readiness for the motorcycle riding training.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

This is the training course that prospective riders must complete to earn the riding license in the UK. The course covers five topics;

  1. An Introduction to CBT
  2. Learning Motorcycle Controls
  3. Off-Road Practising
  4. Safety Talk and Road Briefing
  5. Practical On-road training.

The course moves from beginner theoretical lessons to more complex on-road practicals. To proceed to the next topic, a prospective rider must finish the previous lesson content and tests.

Here is a look at the skills covered in each topic.

An Introduction to CBT

This is the introductory topic of the course. After passing the eye-test, the learner goes through an overview of the training course. Basic lessons such as the use of safe riding attire (helmets and clothing) are also covered.

Learning Motorcycle Controls

After knowing the basics of clothing, the learner is taken through the motorcycle controls. Here, they learn the function of each control on the bike. They also learn how to conduct safety checks on the bike.

Off-Road Practising

After knowing the theoretical aspects, this is where you swing into the practical application of the skills learnt. It covers skills such as straight riding, smooth stops, emergency stops, smooth turns, u-turns, and changing gears, among others. The practicals are usually conducted in an off-road area with less traffic to enhance safety.

Safety Talk and Road Briefing

This is a theoretical topic based on reinforcing safety practices on the road. Here, you will learn about standard safety practices on the road, such as ensuring you are visible and how to position yourself well. You will also learn traffic rules to adhere to while on the road.

Practical On-Road Riding

This is the final stage of the training. You will be required to test your skills on real roads with real traffic. The test will see you cover several routes with different traffic conditions. The instructor will be there to observe your ride and will contact you via radio if need be. To pass the test, you must exhibit great riding and safety skills that impress your instructor.

Cost of the CBT

The charges for the CBT vary depending on the training institute you register with. Generally, the price range of training services in most training institutes is £100 – £200.

The above information will help you get prepared for your motorcycle ride in the UK. You should also register with a reputable trainer for quality services. London Motorcycle Training has earned a reputation for providing convenient, high-quality training services at a pocket-friendly price. Be sure to register with them for an amazing training experience.