How to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

Cats are one of the world’s most loved animals. Unlike dogs, cats are more than happy to spend the majority of their day indoors, roaming around and well just essentially, being a cat! However, it’s just as important to make sure that your cat is stimulated and will have everything that it needs in the home to live a healthy and happy life. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your home cat friendly.

Add Vertical Space to Your Home:
One of the most important factors is going into your home if you are making space for a cat is to make sure you have vertical space. Ensuring that your cats have vertical space is so important, as it allows them to get adequate exercise and express their feline behaviour properly. Whether you decide to have a space that has a climbing frame going up the wall, or whether you have beams across the top of your ceilings, it’s a great way to give them somewhere to climb onto.

Create a Cocoon for Them to Hide In:
It’s important for your cat to have a space in which they can get comfy and feel comfortable. All cat owners know how much your cat will love to snuggle up and hide away, therefore it’s important to provide a space in which they can hide from plain sight in the home, and still get all cosy and essentially “hide”. An easy and great way to do this is to create a spot for them to retreat in, which you can do by placing a cat bed underneath your bed.

Offer a Space for them to Look Out for in the Window:
Cats love nothing more than to look out into the abyss and have a real nosey as to what’s going on in the street outside. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a lookout point for your cat to sit on- whether that’s a window perch or a suitable and sturdy piece of furniture for them to sit on such as a bookshelf.

Create A Multifunctional Bathroom:
As most cat owners know, cats tend to use their litter trays more than they go to use the bathroom outside. Unfortunately, due to the entitled (yet loving) attitude of cats, they tend to want their litter trays wherever they decide- which can be anything but ideal if you end up having a litter tray in your bathroom. However, a great way to get around this and make your house a little neater is to add a litter tray to your bathroom from the get-go. This way, your home can become a space that is cat-friendly but also hygienic- and a place where you and your cat can go to the bathroom together!

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