Home Decor Treasures from Around the World



We all have a travel enthusiast in us who wants to leave all the worries and explore the world freely, but responsibilities bind us all. Managing our house and work is one of the biggest challenges to conquer before taking the travel route. But we seem to forget that travel can teach us a lot about the world that we can reflect in our house and daily lifestyle. Exploration just changes us as a person, but exploration is not limited to this as sometimes we find items that will look magnificent in our house. More often than not, those precious items become the conversation starter at every party.


But how do we find those hidden gems that can take our home decor to the next level when we travel next time? Well, don’t worry; we have got you covered. Here are some of the top home decor items you should not miss out on when exploring the world.


Persian Rugs

Want to make your house stand out and look luxurious? Well, nothing can do it better than Persian rugs. Whenever we think about home decor, the aspect that we tend to skip is the floor. Persia Rugs can make a world of difference as they are attractive and make the house more homely and warm. Rugs are extremely helpful in protecting the floor from damage and increasing the sitting space as one can comfortably sit on the Rug. Dubai is the hub for good-quality Persian rugs that will last forever. So your Dubai tour packages will be worth every bit if you get yourself a Persian rug from Dubai.


Teak Wood Decor

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the past few years because its scenic view and soothing atmosphere make everyone its fan. But that’s not it. Bali has excellent Teak Wood Decor Items that are unique and eye catchy. These decor items can make even the most boring house a sight to watch out for. Their unique designs and intricate details differentiate their wood decor from the rest of the world. Every piece of wood decor has its own unique elements that one can talk about for hours.


Contemporary Art Pieces

Art pieces can turn a dull-looking wall into a center of attraction. If you have been struggling to find gorgeous art pieces, you are not the only one, as everyone has a keen eye for mesmerizing art pieces for their home. If you travel to Singapore, your struggle ends because Singapore is home to thriving art pieces. You can easily find amazing and unbelievable artworks in Singapore that will take your home customization to the next level.


Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic pottery has become a part of every lavish and modern house as it is highly functional and adds much value to home design. Sri Lankan Tour packages have been highly trending because of the excellence Sri Lankans have with ceramics and the hypnotising visuals. Traditionally, Sri Lankans make ceramic pots for rice, but with changing times, they have evolved and introduced a wide range of ceramic pots for travelers. The handmade pottery is class apart and looks way more unique and elegant than our regular pots. Its functionality and looks make it a must-have in everyone’s house to top up their home decor. So next time you travel to the island country, make sure you get a couple of ceramic pots for your house.


Marrakech Lantern

Your trip to Morocco can be more fruitful if you can get your hands on the unique and antique Marrakech lanterns, which are entirely different from others. The house’s lighting is clearly a game changer, and with the addition of the Marrakech Lantern, you have an element that makes your house’s lighting different from the herd of ordinary lights. These lanterns come in different sizes and colors, which allows you to be more creative and choose a lantern that compliments your house design. The effort to make these lanterns makes them a piece of art and craftsmanship.



Traveling teaches us a lot and can quickly solve many of our daily life problems and give us a fresh perspective. Not only does traveling freshen up our mood, but it also allows us to take artistic gems away from our homes and make our space more unique. Home Decor items from all corners of the world have different significance and bring a touch of the place’s essence that gels well with the house.