Is driving a truck a good job?

Transportation plays a major role in driving the economy, in recent times the world has seen the greatest halt in the economic activities and therefore it became evident that transportation lays a foundation to carry out all the activities of the companies in a smooth way. For example, the ecommerce business has been a huge hit and made consumer buying easy and convenient. The underlying facts of the success of the ecommerce industry are directly related to transportation. A consumer places orders from one part of the world and gets the product from companies that are located in different parts of the world seamlessly. The entire process of shipping of the goods helps in the development of economies by building trade, increasing consumer spending, and global exchange of trends, etc. The major role in these activities is played by road transport via trucks. One can analyze the shipping that happens due to trucks right from clothing, food, automobiles, electronics, livestock, furniture, and many more. Truck drivers hence help the customers get their goods at the right time. Although there has been a crash in the transport industry in the previous year truck driving jobs have picked up pace in 2021.

Additionally, the jobs in the transport industry have also increased bountifully in recent times. Most people are curious about the job opportunities in the transport industry and the benefits related to it. The truck driving segment is skyrocketing as the companies are getting back to business the increased transports of goods by all the companies has outgrown the job opportunities compared to the past for drivers.

Find out how the truck driver’s jobs can make an impact on the lifestyle of the aspirants.

  1. Lucrative job opportunities

All of us are aware of the trying times that we have witnessed in the pandemic. From a study conducted in 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the income of truck drivers has been $43,680 per year. The drivers in the industry typically earn a significant amount which is more than $72,000/year that include the perks in the company. The huge income bracket shows that the segment is lucrative and makes the job more popular and attractive. The industry is open to people without high qualifications, as the only qualification they need is excellent driving skills. However, many companies provide proper training to the truck drivers to ensure the drivers can deliver the goods and also handle all the regulatory issues.

  1. Love for Travel that generates income

The promising trucking industry is a sure bliss for the wanderlusts. People who love traveling but cannot afford to move around the world due to financial crunch can make the most of the job opportunities in this industry as it gives ample opportunity to travel anywhere in the world. It is a perfect job that allows the employees to look at beautiful sights like Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Canyon; Golden Gate Bridge, etc. The best part of the job is that there is no geographical limit to it. Many immigrants are building a great life by taking up driving jobs in other countries. Also, the enjoyment is paid for.

  1. Insurance

Other benefits as a truck driver include the most important component known as insurance. Insurance is very crucial as it helps people to come out of the dreadful situation with different policies. The truck drivers have the immense benefit of enjoying medical, vision, and dental insurance for the employees and their families. The insurance component helps the needy to face the challenging situation by giving them the courage to focus on their loved ones and not on the finances.

  1. Freedom

One of the most desirable factors that an employee looks out for is the idea of experiencing freedom with minimal supervision. But seldom do people find it at work but truck driving gives people a brilliant opportunity to have fun, be free with minimum supervision at work, and enjoy beautiful nature while driving.

As per analysis, more than 70% of the shipment in the United States is covered with trucks which make the job sector booming and lucrative. The drivers are responsible to deliver a massive freight which is nearly 9.2 million tons per year as per the American Trucking Associations. Also according to ATA, a large bulk of job opportunities is provided by this segment which accounts for nearly 7.3 million jobs in America.