Yodel: Your Business’ New Secret Weapon

Your essential business tools 

Your most-used business tools have likely become integral to various business functions. It makes sense, these tools are designed to help give your business a competitive advantage, enhance your core competencies, save money, or deliver other benefits to your business and team. If they weren’t doing those things, you simply wouldn’t have invested in them. 

The business tools that you are currently using have probably seen countless upgrades as you continue to reinvest in equipping your team with the best possible technology to improve your business. Between the financial investment and the time it takes to train your team, you must know that the benefits are worth it.  

Why shouldn’t this mentality be applied to your business phone system as well? 

You may think that all business phone systems are the same…

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Gone are the days where your business phone system should only provide you with a way to make and receive phone calls. Yodel is an intelligent phone system that is able to give our users more; more capabilities, more features, and even more savings. 

Give your team the best possible business phone system, so that they can start seeing the benefits Yodel can provide. 

Give yourself a competitive advantage

Upgrading your phone to Yodel can help you see massive improvements in terms of customer relations and success. Investing in customer service can help your business gain a sustainable competitive advantage, and help you see real improvements in key business metrics such as retention and churn. Improving customer service has also been shown to increase organic recommendations and overall positive feelings toward a brand. 

Yodel is able to address some of the most common customer service complaints, in order to help you gain that competitive advantage. 

  •  60% of customers feel as though long hold times are the most frustrating parts of a customer service experience 

Better serve your customers, even when you can’t currently get to the phone. While a caller is on hold you can create a custom message that is played, giving them important information that may address their reason for calling. You can also send customized canned responses, which are prewritten messages that can be selected to be read out loud to your callers. This helps keep your callers engaged, and helps your team deliver important information even when they aren’t able to answer the phone.

  • More than 50% of customers across all age groups typically use the phone to reach out to a service team, making it the most-used channel for customer service.

Having a highly functional business phone system is crucial, and you will want to avoid technology getting in the way of that. Yodel works with a network of trusted local carriers to deliver high-quality voice communication. You won’t have to worry about network issues preventing all of those customers from getting in touch with your team. 

  • More than 70% of consumers believe that companies should collaborate on their behalf so that they don’t have to repeat information to different representatives.


  • Nearly 70% of customers are irritated when their call is transferred from department to department

Keep your entire team in the loop, and eliminate misrouted calls with Yodel. Before the call is even answered by your team, Yodel will find out and transcribe the caller intent for your entire team to see. The call will then be routed to the most appropriate agent, right from the start. Once the call is answered call commenting can be used to convey important information to your team members about the active call. 

Enhance your core competencies 

Equipping your team with a technological edge will only help them improve on their ability to deliver upon your business’ core competencies. 

  •     Spend more time on what matters

Yodel can help eliminate unnecessary distractions, as we are able to answer the phone for you and determine the best course of action. Your entire team won’t be interrupted when there is an incoming call. Instead, the call will be routed to the right team member or members, or sent to voicemail. Spam calls don’t need to pull your attention away from important work, which is why Yodel can simply block irrelevant numbers. 

  •     Reduce average call time 

When you’re able to quickly and effectively address incoming calls, you are able to free up time for your team to focus on more critical parts of your business. That is why Yodel gives you access to features that can help better direct and serve incoming callers. Your callers will also love these features, as those features can help save them time as well. 

Save Money 

With easy-to-understand pricing, you will never have to wonder what you are paying for when you sign up with Yodel. 

Our pricing plans make it clear exactly what you will be receiving, so you aren’t left feeling confused or frustrated. With pricing set out per user you can feel confident knowing that you aren’t paying extra overhead, or for a system that is too large or small for your needs. Yodel is easy to scale as you can add users or phone numbers at any time.  

Other Benefits 

Yodel is able to go beyond the benefits we have already discussed, as our system is able to : 

  • Improve your team’s workflow 

Through smart integrations that can connect your business phone system to other tools that you love.

  • Deliver user confidence 

We are always here to assist our users, as we offer live support and a vast amount of resource guides. Whether your team is looking for a live demo or a quick answer to a question, we will ensure you feel confident in your ability to use Yodel. 

  • Enhance portability and flexibility

With our virtual phone system, you won’t be tied to one specific location. You can take our phone system on the go, access it across multiple locations, and even access international numbers to build a stronger global presence. 

  • Give you phone communication how you want it

Whether you are looking to access your phone system from a mobile device, tablet, desktop, web browser, or even a traditional hardware SIP phone, Yodel has you covered. Access phone communication in any style, so you can always love using your phone system.